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About Us

Environmentally friendly and sustainability is what drives us here at Forward Materials. We are passionate and dedicated towards reducing dependency on trees as a source of material for residential and commercial industries. The desire to be responsible corporate citizens is embedded into our DNA. Through the power of innovation and technological advances we have devised an industry changing material that is free of any natural wood but bio-mimics all the positive qualities of wood. Our advanced material is 100% recoverable, renewable and reusable multiple times over through our proprietary recovery system. Forward Materials is a worthy and true substitute for natural lumber. Our mission is to leave the world greener and cleaner for future generations to enjoy.

About You

When you use Forward Materials in your products such as decking, railing, siding, or furniture you are already participating in the fight against climate change. Every Forward Materials product being created and sold means one more tree standing to battle global warming and a maintaining a safer, cleaner environment. It means one less wood product thrown out in the landfills. It means multiple material lifecycles and less waste. It means together, you and your customers alongside Forward Materials are building a cleaner, brighter and more sustainable future.