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Recovery Program

All products created with Forward Materials will be provided a scannable QR code for customers to register for our Recovery Program.
Basic information will be required so we can register all Forward Materials customers in our Recovery Program database.
When you decide to replace your old Forward Materials products with something new, you can go on our website to request a Product Recovery Code.
You will then receive easy instructions on how to prepare the for pack and pick-up.
Leave the rest up to us and our Recovery Partners who will transport it back to one of our four North American­ collection locations where they will be prepped for our proprietary renewable process.
Our proprietary renewable process will break down your old product into its original raw material, giving it a whole new life where it will end up in another eco-conscious, happy customer’s home to enjoy for years to come.
This process can be repeated over 5 times and we are always working on developing new advances to extend the material's life even more!